March 28th, 2012 by alliance

The news is out! BROstock 2012 is being held June 15-16th at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. This being said, it is time to dig in the BROstock vault and giveaway some of the “Oldies but Goodies” from the past BROstock events. This weeks giveaway is going to have multiple winners, so make sure to take advantage of the increased odds.

Congratulations to Rex Rimato, for winning last weeks prize pack from O’Brien.  Enter below for your chance to win this weeks BIWEEKLY GIVEAWAY!

Prize #1 – Includes:  BROstock hat & 2012 LF Calendar

Prize #2 – Includes:  Two BROstock hats & 2012 LF Calendar

Prize #3 – Includes:  BROstock glasses & 2012 LF Calendar


11 Responses to “BROstock Biweekly Giveaway”

  1. Martha Montano Says:

    Sick glasses. Love the oldies

  2. Anthony Lombardo Says:

    Beautiful gear, great colors!

  3. George Oed IV Says:

    Classic old school with new styles too!

  4. Jess Mastrella Says:

    Ah id be stoked to win! I’m feelin it :)

  5. Jason w Says:


  6. Scott Tucci Says:

    Make sure you guys check out Stateamind Water Sports if your able to make it to this years Brostock!

  7. Thomas G. Says:

    Those glasses are so fly!! I NEED those!

  8. kevin miller Says:

    dude ill do the comptation but if any one knows if there gona relase 2012 gear let me know cuz i cant to to brostock i graduate when its going on it sucks i wana go so fn bad but yea let me know plz thanks

  9. Jonathan Grimes Says:

    I want the hats so bad!!! I will pay anything for them.

  10. Ryan C Says:

    I need one of these hats but i can’t make it to brostock this year!!!! ughhhh

  11. kris Says:

    I had a pair of the 2010 brotrons and lost them.. I reped spy and those shades so hard for a year before they were lost.. Need a replacement soooooooo Bad!!!!!! I cant belice theres still a fresh pair of them..


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