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Coming Up: Ben Watts

By  •  November 3, 2016

Coming Up 

My name is   Ben Watts  

I am   17 years old   My favorite riding spot is   Lake Martin / my cable   For breakfast I ate   a …
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In Store: Singleton Marine Group

By  •  May 1, 2012


Alliance: Let’s get to the serious stuff first. How many peaches does your staff consume daily?

Singleton Marine Group (Austin Singleton): We have never really …
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“A Single Day” – Team SMG

By  •  January 24, 2011

“A Single Day” produced by Remedy Films, is exactly what the title says it is, a single day filled with wakeboarding, tight schedules, shooting, helicopter jumps, near death experiences, …
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Weekly Snaps: October 16, 2010

By  •  October 16, 2010

Kyle Walton is ready for winter. Photo: Sawyer Davis

Jen Gilanfarr. Photo: Bryan Soderlind

Dieter Humpsch. Photo: Roman …
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Weekly Snaps: October 7, 2010

By  •  October 8, 2010

Bobby Regan. Photo: Bryan Soderlind

Andrew Pastura. Photo: Sawyer Davis

Austin Pastura. Photo: Roland Lugo.

Spot or Not: The Bama Mystery Pipe

By  •  March 4, 2010

I don’t really know if that is the true name of this spot but it should do. This is another spot we came across on our …
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Weekly Snaps: February 26, 2010

By  •  February 26, 2010

It’s a simple equation. Andrew Pastura plus a pole jam equals magic. Photo: Cortese

Another basic idea: Kyle Walton plus a winch. …
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Spot or Not: The P’Ville Cotton Mill

By  •  February 17, 2010

This spot in the middle of Alabama is an old abandoned Cotton Mill.  I’d seen and heard about this spot from Nick V. awhile …
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Alliance Photo Battle: February 15, 2010

By  •  February 15, 2010

This week’s Photo Battle is a fight of the drops. An acid drop vs. a gap drop. In one photo you have Ben Horan stylish as …
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Spot or Not: The Fish Ponds

By  •  February 11, 2010

aka Club Med de la Mosquito

by Sawyer Davis

This spot was found in passing. We were bouncing around deep in rural Alabama, and on …
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Weekly Snaps: February 5, 2010

By  •  February 5, 2010

Reed Hansen is not afraid of a little cold water. Plus he looks good in a full suit. Back Lip. Photo: Alija Bos

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Weekly Snaps: January 8, 2009

By  •  January 8, 2010

It’s a new year, new decade and time for change. So today officially marks the start of a new weekly column here on Alliance Wakeskate: Weekly Snaps. It’s sort of …
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10 Questions with Vinny Knapp

By  •  December 16, 2009

A man and his worldly possessions. photo: Davis

Vinny Knapp is definitely not your typical wakeboarder. Or wakeskater for that matter. This highly talented, innovative, and super ballsy honorary …
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Spot or Not: The Friendship Gap

By  •  December 3, 2009

By Sawyer Davis

Leave it to Kyle Walton to find a spot that is actually the opposite of its name. The Friendship Gap about as friendly as one that …
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Spot or Not: The Grist Mill

By  •  October 22, 2009

by Sawyer Davis

I was driving back from Birmingham one Sunday afternoon with some time to kill, and having recently purchased a new driving toy. I vaguely remembered some twisty …
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