Behind The Lens: Jason Lee

Words by Garrett Cortese

The wakeboarding and wakeskating industries are lucky as hell to have some of the most talented photographers in the world dedicate their time, passion, and creativity to documenting them. Without the photographers all the stuff you read in the magazines or see on the Internet would be a hell of a lot less interesting. Let’s face it, by this point you’re probably not even reading anymore and are looking at the photos in this article. We figured it was time for you guys to get to know the names in the corners of the photos, the guys behind the lenses and we’re starting off with Jason Lee.

I remember first seeing Jason Lee’s name as the photographer behind the cover of the October/November 2004 issue of Alliance. It was Alliance’s first ever foldout cover and the shot of Steve McKinley’s tweaked out melan grab at the incomparable Lake Powell was insane. I actually had three thoughts go through my head when I saw that cover.
1. Who the hell is Jason Lee and how did he get on the Liquid Force team trip to Powell?!?!
2. Damn, this Jason Lee guy got a cover before me!
3. It’s pretty cool that there’s an Asian photographer in the wake scene now…