What you didn’t see from the Fox team’s Gulf Coast road trip

Text by Bob Soven       Photography by Brian Soderlind

Hey friends, we’re back. Yep, it’s us, that ragtag bunch of nomadic wakeskaters (plus me, the wannabe wakeskater, and photo boner Bear the photographer). In case you didn’t know or already forgot (I highly doubt you would actually forget something like this — so epic, so legit, so insane…) last fall we took a little road trip from Florida to New Orleans and shredded the Gulf Coast. There was literally too much good stuff to fit into the pages of the magazine, which means we had to do an internet special with the leftovers. These are not normal leftovers like Tuesday night’s meatloaf though… These are Thanksgiving at Ritz Carlton leftovers. So thanks to modern technology we’re no longer confined to the parameters of a print magazine — here via the internet is the rest of our manly trip.

I can’t lie, this trip was actually pretty weird. Every stop had its own uniqueness and stories to be relived over and over. After our first stop at the Dead Lake I didn’t expect it to get much weirder.