Excerpts from the Alliance interview with Keith Lyman

By Garrett Cortese

When a rider as renowned as Keith Lyman decides to retire as a wakeboarder in order to pursue a career in the military, you know you’re not going to have enough space in the magazine to run the entire interview. Keith’s exit interview with Alliance shed some light on not only how Keith viewed the sport he had grown to love and work for, but also how he viewed its past and its future. Over the years Keith became known for doing things his way, so it is only appropriate that he answered all the questions we could throw at him in his own way, as well. What follows are bits and pieces of the good-bye conversation we had with Keith. If you found the magazine interview to be a good read, then be prepared to spend the next few minutes in front of your computer screen checking out the rest. On the off chance that you haven’t read the interview with Keith in Alliance, then get over to your local shop and grab one ASAP, or just click on that little “Subscribe” button up there…