“This Is Pretty Good, Eh?”

Team O’neill Hits Muskoka

Words and Photography by Garrett Cortese

Canada, despite being located somewhat in the nether regions of the northern hemisphere has managed to play a pretty significant role in the history of wakeboarding. Current names like Malinoski, Sharpe, Henshaw, Derome, and Rattray all call it home, but names from years’ past like Heer and Kovak helped influence and grow the sport from the beginning — and paved the way for Canadian rippers today. Considering how short summer lasts in Canada that is an impressive feat.

From the outside looking in one might wonder how Canada has played such an important role in wakeboarding, but when you get there it’s pretty evident. The country is chock full of awesome riding spots and when the summer months are in full swing water-loving Canadians can’t stay off of them. One region that has played a particularly large role in the growth of Canadian wakeboarding is Muskoka. You may have heard the term Muskoka Militia if you’ve been around the wakeboarding scene for a while. That term doesn’t represent a group of heavily armed guerilla militants, just a bunch of bros (and a few sis’s) from the lake-filled region two hours north of Toronto who love to ride.