Slingshot_2015_Pill_T Slingshot_2015_Terrain_B

SLINGSHOT BLUE PILL 138 (Alliance Approved)

Length: 138cm

Width: 16.5”

Rocker: 2.7” 3-stage

MSRP: $500

Slingshot Blue Pill_Results
What the pro says:

“The Blue pill is ultra fast, with instant edge to edge transfer, and cush Landings in the flats. I put all the attributes I wanted into this board to make it a big wake destroyer. Hands down, it’s the best deck I’ve ridden. Up your game with the Blue Pill.” – Scott Stewart


Tester Comments:

“Soft landings… I can’t think of anything I didn’t like.” – Marc

“Not what you’d expect from Slingshot. Plenty of stiffness – great for the boat! The only downside is it doesn’t have the versatility of other Slingshot boards.” – Pierce

“Super fun board with great pop. This changed my perspective on Slingshot boards off the wake.” – Gunner



Slingshot_2015_Nomad_T Slingshot_2015_Nomad_B


Length: 155cm

Width: 18”

Rocker: 2.8” continuous

MSRP: $420

Slingshot Nomad_Results

What the pro says:

“The Nomad is so fun to cruise around on and keep it simple… for all the basic moves, big boards are where it’s at! Nomad for President.” -Dylan Miller

Tester Comments:

“Really fun for easy tricks because of the size and flex, but it can feel heavy and big.” – Marc

“Super unique wake-riding experience. Take some time on it to get it dialed and you’ll have a blast – it can take a while to figure out the pop.” – Pierce

“If you have bad knees or back this is the board for you to cruise with! Too big if you want to really shred.” – Cody



Slingshot_2015_Terrain_T Slingshot_2015_Terrain_B

SLINGSHOT TERRAIN 140 (Alliance Approved)

Length: 140cm

Width: 17.2”

Rocker: 2.7” continuous

MSRP: $420

Cable Results







Sliding speed:




What the pro says:

“The Terrain is like magic for your rail riding skills. Riders jump on it and become addicted as they master their presses almost instantly. My favorite thing to do is let people try it and then take it away and watch as they have a meltdown. ‘Go get your own…’” – Jeff McKee


Tester Comments:

“Super easy to press. Very fun, loose, forgiving board.” – Cody

“Killer all-around park board. Easy to pres, slides fats, and sets you down nice and easy off the kickers.” – Gunner

“Some of the most fun I’ve had in the park! Might not be the best for big, tech tricks off kickers.” – Pierce

“Tons of flex, great for rail riding!” – Marc



Slingshot_2015_Whip_T Slingshot_2015_Whip_B

SLINGSHOT WHIP 143 (Steffen Vollert)

Length: 143cm

Width: 16.9”

Rocker: 2.2” continuous

MSRP: $550

Slingshot Whip_Results

What the pro says:

“The Whip has been my board of choice for four years now, but we have worked and tested a lot to deliver this all new shape for 2015. Even with less bottom features it will give you the perfect traction and pop for air tricks and ollies at the cable park. The new NACA tech makes it possible. Compared to last year the Whip feels a bit softer, which I like. I was searching for this kind of a board for a long time and I am stoked I finally found it! It rides well behind the boat, too!” – Steffen Vollert


Tester Comments:

“Great feel on the rails. Forgiving and fun on the boat, but seems most comfortable in the park.” – Pierce

“Soft landings all around. Great for pressing.” – Marc

“Feels wide, but that can help save you on some landings.” – Cody


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