HL_Baseline HL_Baseline_Base


LENGTH: 141cm

WIDTH: 17”

ROCKER: 2.5” abrupt continuous

MSRP: $329

HL Baseline_Results

What the pro says:

“Progression was on the front of our minds when we shape this board. More surface area and user-friendly features. My first test ride I was blown away at the pop. This board works for every level of riding but if you are working on your first spins and inverts don’t look anywhere else.” – Shaun Murray

Tester Comments:

“Really light, but doesn’t have as much rocker as I like.” – Marc

“A great intro board for riders to progress with. Landings aren’t as soft as others though.” – Pierce

“It’s a basic board designed for riders to progress. It does that well.” – Cody



HL_Kruz_Bio HL_Kruz_Bio_Base


HYPERLITE KRUZ BIO 134 (Rusty Malinoski) (Alliance Approved)

Length: 134cm

Width: 17”

Rocker: 2.6” abrupt continuous

MSRP: $490

HL Kruz_Results

What the pro says:

“The Kruz is a combo of the original Marek and the second version. I took what I liked from both and made it all come together as the Kruz. It’s still my style of board – super fast, lots of pop, and speed for landings. The two-stage channel really helps with landings and speed. It releases a little earlier, too. The Nova Core is insanely light this year, as well. Overall everything just feels a bit easier and better about it – it’s the most responsive board I’ve ever ridden.” – Rusty Malinoski


Tester Comments:

“Great for more technical, aggressive riders. It’s lightweight and smooth.” – Marc

“Aggressive but still forgiving once you get it dialed. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners.” – Pierce

“Too locked in for my style, but if you’re an aggressive rider this board is for you.” – Cody



HL_Socialite HL_Socialite_Base



Length: 139cm

Width: 17”

Rocker: 2.6” continuous

MSRP: $540

HL Socialite_Results

What the pro says:

“The Socialite is Hyperlite’s first cable specific women’s board and over the past year it has carried me through my most successful season to become the Alliance Female Rider of the Year! My favourite thing about the Socialite is the incredible flex. The Socialite can take a beating, too. I am confident travelling without a backup board as the Socialite can stand up to punishment better than any other board I have ridden in the past!” – Courtney Angus

Tester Comments:

“Tracks fast with the fins attached. Not as much pop as I would have liked.” – Marc

“Lightweight and easy to press, but what’s with the Illuminati emblem?” – Cody

“Easy to ride and soft landings. This might be marketed for women, but holds its own with the boys as long as you’re not too big for it.” – Gunner

“Predictable, fun park shape, but I was probably too heavy for it – felt like it was too flat.” – Pierce
HL_Webb HL_Webb_Base


Length: 139cm

Width: 17.1”

Rocker: 2.5” blended 3-stage

MSRP: $500

HL Webb_Results

What the pro says:

“I’m stoked on how my 2015 Webb board turned out. We used a lighter glass for more flex throughout the whole board along with ABS side walls, and a sintered base. It’s a blast at the park and basically indestructible. You’ll definitely dig it!” – JD Webb


Tester Comments:

“Smooth board on the rails but doesn’t have the most pop in the group.” – Marc

“Great board for everyone, park and boat. Bottom channel features make it feel weird on rails sometimes.” – Pierce

“A solid performer, but a little hard to press.” – Gunner


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