Length: 25′
Beam: 102”
Dry weight: 5,850 lbs
FACTORY BALLAST: STD: 2950 lbs MAX: 5050 lbs
Passenger capacity: 17

About Centurion:
The numbers don’t lie. Words tell a story, but numbers can quantify it. We’ve got your number. From speed, to degrees of deadrise, to ballast capacities and fill times, to fuel gallons per hour, to decibels of noise, we have the numbers to help you define your perfect ride. What is your number? Whatever it is, Centurion Boats has it. Visit a Centurion Boats dealer near you and let us prove it to you.

About the Fi25:
The world’s best waves, wakes and ride of the Centurion Fi Series have been stretched to limo proportions with the new 2019 Centurion Fi25. This sleek ultra-wide bow 25-footer cranks out the perfect ride every time all while accommodating as many as 17. Built on the crazy efficient power of Opti-v Hull, the Fi25 shares the performance prowess of the rest of the Centurion line while remaining extremely fuel efficient. Centurion Boats has your number. Let us prove it to you.

Opti-V Hull:
The Fi25’s Worlds best waves wake and ride begin with Opti-V Hull. This hull design displaces more water, to form the world’s best waves quickly on either side and creates side-to-side balance for perfectly symmetrical wakeboard wakes. With 20 degrees of deadrise at the transom, as much as double the degree of V as any other towboat, Centurion’s Opti-V Hull eliminates the shock of rough water for an amazingly smooth ride.

RAMFILL Ballast:
The Fi’s RAMFILL ballast is comprised of two sub-floor tooled-in tanks that fill with as much as 2500 pounds of water in as little as 90 seconds. That’s a minute and a half to deliver exactly the wakes you want, whether beginner or seasoned pro. Over a ton of weight. In less than two minutes. Wakes can be adjusted mid-session. Fast. Efficient.

The Fi25 ultra-wide bow resembles the look and comfort of the Fi23, but thanks to a cab-forward design the lounge feels like a stretch limo. And thanks to the new “All Hex” upholstery scheme option the look of the interior is as high-end as the layout. The 17 passengers the Fi25 is rated for can spread out in the lap of luxury.  


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