Hang Tyte 1

Rid Your Wakeboard Boat Cover of Standing Water

Permanently rid your wakeboard boat cover of standing water for less than $50! The patented Hangtyte design features a clamshell that is easily affixed to a mooring cover for a boat with a wakeboard tower. A line extends from the clamshell to the tower pylon with a ratcheting device that pulls the cover taunt to prevent water accumulation even during the heaviest downpours.

Hangtyte inventor and wakeboarding coach Cobe Mikacich developed the system after years of frustration with water pooling on his boat’s mooring cover. “In Florida, we get torrential rains every afternoon in the spring,” Mikacich said. “Invariably, so much water can accumulate that a mooring cover pole will either shift or collapse and then you’re stuck trying to bail the water out or getting soaked crawling under the cover to stand the pole up. Securing a line from the cover to the tower was a simple and effective solution.”

Click here to see a video of how easy it is to install.

Hangtyte is available through Great Lakes Boat Top. Great Lakes Boat Top makes custom canvas solutions for many of the world’s leading boat manufacturers and replacement canvas for many brands. To purchase Hangtyte or for more information, contact Great Lakes Boat Top at 877-867-7861 or visit http://www.greatlakesboattop.com.


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