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This board has a gull-wing channel system with canted side fins. The gull-wing starts sharp in the tips an progresses to a slight mellow belly that becomes even with the rails in the waist. Making it easy to land in the flats and able to transition to a hard an steady controlled edge when needed. We also added our new Bamboo “Leaf Spring” system. It incorporates a vertically laminated and tapered bamboo profile combined with layers of fiber glass tape and pre-cured glass. This new system allows the board to flex without any negative effects from torsional bending. Giving you a true square load and snap back feeling. It also creates harder toe to heal edging by preventing torsional load loss, from twisting and binding torque. This new light weight system also allows us to easily dial in the proper flex pattern from stiff to soft… by changing the profile and reducing the fiber overlays. We also surrounded our binding stringer and “Leaf Spring” system in urethane creating a flexible bushing preventing core fatigue… (from heat expansion/contraction and years of use and flexing).  *This board is set for a stiff flex pattern as to Randall’s liking.

* Tri-Axle fiberglass with proper glass orientation
* Flex press sandwich technique (tensions glass fibers from center and builds slowly outwards)
* High Performance Flexible Epoxy System
* Vertically laminated Bamboo stringer system with 6mm stainless steel inserts
* Bamboo “Leaf Spring” loading/landing system
* Internal Urethane bushings (prevents core fatigue)
* 91A Urethane Sidewall (black)
* Grab Rail
* durable .028″ top sheets
* Fin pack with hardware
* Stainless 6mm hardware
*1 year warranty

Limited Edition Features:
* Dimple Base (reduced surface/water tension)
* 2 year warranty

All of our Boards are hand built with pride in the USA. We use renewable Bamboo and keep our products as “green” as possible. Our products and molds are designed in SolidWorks software and SolidCam.  We mill each core to it’s exact dimensions minus top sheet offsets. Our cnc machine step over is minimal at 4% and all valleys are milled to .005″ tolerance insuring an exact fit to our molds. Giving this product a super tight and clean finish. Since we are such a small operation we take extra time building boards an milling our cores… we are not concerned with mass production. We apologize in advance if you have to wait for your order to ship. We are only concerned with functionality, quality, progressing the sport, setting higher standards for the industry to follow (such as being the first to develop urethane sidewalls and other advances). We are only focus on the core rider concerns and desires… and take value in those end users being 100 % stoked and confident what they have under their feet wont fail them. In 9 years of production we have never had one warranty. Randall has never broken a single board… and we aim to keep it that way.

“The best way for a person to progress is to have a foundation… an unmovable base line to measure their progress from. That’s what this board is… its like a good friend you can rely on… its not going to break… its not going to prevent you from progressing… its just going to be there for you in any and every situation.”

MSRP: $560

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