Team Pro Surf Style Rider Aaron “A-Ron” Witherell’s pro model. This board is designed for a middle weight riders still wanting a smaller board but with just a little more float to help with those BIG AIRS and coming out of those 720 spins when you find yourself far back in your wake. This board is for those of you wanting to shout YEAH MANG! on the Podium!

Designed for seasoned riders and advanced riders.  This board is more for middle weight riders looking for just a little bit more float and length to their board.   Run the Thuster Fin set-up (3-fins) for a more ocean style feel to help mellow out the board, but when you want a more trick feel remove the center fin making the board a Twin fin set-up then add the Twinzer fins in!  This gives the board a more slippery feel so you can spin faster but you still have your big side fins in for that drive up the wave to perform your air tricks.  Pick the A-bomb for a great board from day one when selecting your first board so your riding will improve faster and you will be on the podium in no time!  Practice makes perfect so RIDE, RIDE, RIDE, on a Brigade Wakesurfing .352 special wakesurfer!

For a performace set-up right out of the wake for DIVE, SPEED, CONTROLLED FAST SPINS, BIG AIRS, and ALL OUT A-RON STYLE!!! YEAH MANG! SURF THIS!!!

Brigade: A-Ron Pro Model description:
Design: Custom
Height: 4’6″
Fins: Five
Core: EPS Epoxy
MSRP: $850

For more information check out: www.brigadewakesurfing.com


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