There are 3 main reasons that we are different from other companies that make products for the wake industry:

At EVERCARVE, we are passionate about making the best wakesurf products on the planet. We’ve spent years developing and refining our designs to produce the most innovative, high performance boards available.  Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we offer a wide variety of standard as well as custom sizes.   If you’re serious about wakesurfing, EVERCARVE is for you!

Evercarve has used the knowledge gained from over 40 years of design and engineering experience at our parent company (NIRVANA SURFBOARDS) to create specialized products for wakesurf. If you are looking for wakesurf specific designs with ‘surf-style’ construction, Evercarve delivers the ultimate in performance.

Evercarve boards are handmade in the USA using the very best foam and fiberglass materials along with the same premium manufacturing techniques that are used to make high performance surfboards.   EVERCARVE boards are all made using KKL technology, which has been a worldwide leader in board production in the surf industy since 1995.  KKL TECHNOLOGY (machines and proprietary software) enables master wakesurf board shapes to be reproduced in any size (length, width, thickness). When it comes to custom sizing, maintaining the integrity of the key design attributes across all sizes is critical. The KKL technology platform has been responsible for producing more custom-scaled, premium surfboards than any other of its kind for over 15 years.

Evercarve: Mean Bean descriptions:
Design: Custom
Height: 3’11”, 4’3″, 4’6″, 4’8″, 4’11”
Fins: Quad
Core: Poly or Epoxy
MSRP: $649

The MEAN BEAN can very easily become your weapon of choice. A wide nose and lunchtray-like tail create a potent combination of drive and explosiveness that make this board “mean”. It’s designed to pump and jump.

This board will be made custom to your order.
Design Notes: Lunchbox tail shortboard
Performance Notes: All around performance with emphasis on aerial potential.
Customization Suggestions: Try adding an extra two inches in length, 1/4″ width for extra stability and drive.

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