A brand new shape for 2015. The Wire has a wide tail for speed and pop off the lip. Also a stub nose shape to help this board land on air reverses and shuv-its. Small stepped in wings near the tail to keep this board nice and smooth rail to rail. The Wire comes in 2 sizes. Weight up to 225lbs on 57” and 180lbs on 53”. Built with the Phase 5 GatorSkin™ Tough Carbon/Aramid Glass . Great board for Beginners to Advanced riders.

Board Dimensions Thick. Ht. Range Wt. Limit
57 57″ × 21.25″ 1.5″ 5’6″ – 6’5″ 225 Lbs.
53 53″ × 20.25″ 1.5″ 5’3″ – 6’1″ 180 Lbs.

Build Material: GatorSkin™ super tuff Carbon/Aramid glass

Fin Setup: Surf style 4.3″ Twin(2) fin

Traction: Performance Pads

MSRP: $989

For more info about the Wire Surf and other Phase 5 boards check out

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