Now in its third year the Liquid Force BOARDSTOCK event will take place this year at Cables Wake Park Penrith on January 28 & 29, and will be the culmination of a series of events that will draw the entire wakeboarding industry together in the one place at the one time

Daniel Watkins Pro Wake show will start the ball rolling in Grafton on January 20-21. Immediately following that Australia’s top groms will assemble for Gromstock where they will be coached in boat and rail technique from Australian and overseas pro riders. Gromstock incorporates all the Boardstock contest events as well as the Australian Open Boat competition that will take Place on Australia Day at Windsor Stadium. Friday evening January 27 will also see the Wakelife Team Rider Cup come to Cables where all the wakeboard companies will compete against each other in a team style format to earn the title of the leading wakeboard brand. To culminate the entire weekend on Saturday evening the Riders Choice Industry Awards will be staged where the sport crowns its leading riders and industry personnel.

 This promises to be a HUGE week of wakeboarding where the attention of both Australian and overseas interests will be concentrated in one place. No other event of any type even comes close to attracting the same type of interest or the diversity of riders as Boardstock and these associated events can. Riders of all styles will be present, whether they are boat, cable, winch or wakeskaters. All ages all ability levels are catered for as people from all over the industry get together for a weekend of fun and competition.

Boardstock 2012 will run 4 separate events designed to appeal to all styles of riders and all levels. Divisions from Under 9s all the way up to Pro Men and Women.  Australia’s top pro riders will all be there as well as many from overseas. With over $15,000 to be awarded to the Pro Divisions many others will join King of Cable Tom Fooshee in coming to the event to compete for the title of “Ultimate Rider”. All divisions will receive prizes and awards, there will be give-aways going on all weekend. Boardstock will receive extensive coverage before, during and after the events through established media, internet and the worldwide social media network. All events will be professionally filmed and edited for distribution around the globe.


For more information on any of these events or details a contact list is attached

See you all at Boardstock



Sally and Scotty Kell: or 02 45664511 or 0418 422204


Dalai Liddy: or 0421 353 036


Anthony Abacair: 0407 551110 or


Dalai Liddy: or 0421 353 036

BOARDSTOCK Sponsorship

Chris Angus: 0405199009

Clayton Dunn: 0403080500

BOARDSTOCK Event Information

ML Watersports : or 07 38899100

Cables Wake Park: or  02 47222537


Dalai Liddy: or 0421 353 036