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Watersport and a new Wake Park at Le Touqet-Paris-Plage

FISE Xperience first stop at the Touquet-Paris-Plage took place this weekend but it was also the first stop for the FISE Xperience Series. An 100% Wakeboard edition on the wonderful seafront of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage.

Riders were competing on the new permanent Touquet Wake Park and its impressive obstacles designed and built by FISE AREA. The best French Wakeboarders were here to inaugurate this brand new attraction which will remain throughout the season for everyone to enjoy it.

It was also the opportunity to discover and try Land sailing, Pirogues and giant SUP paddle. As always the FISE Xperience is a free access festival with multi disciplines, initiations and demos.

Pro and amateur’s results

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Antoine Allaux won this competition, indeed he made a good use of this set up and also has landed all his tricks including huge transfers. Jules Charraud finished second despite a fall. Wesley Gumpel finished third with a perfect style but not as strong as Antoine and Jules on the kicker.

Pro’s results

Antoine Allaux 64,5pts
Jules Charraud 57 pts
Wesley Gumpel 50 pts
Bruno Bargé 47,5 pts
Roman Styczen 46 pts
Kevin Calvez 39,5 pts
Denis Harry 36 pts
Marie Rougier 30,5 pts
Amateur’s results

Harold Theys 52,5 pts
Vivien Periers 46,5
Quentin Ansart 45 pts
Thierry Rouyacque 43 pts
Jerry Dusart 42 pts
Velerian Buvry 34 pts

One stop is calling another

This first FISE Xperience 2016 stop now over, the FISE team is heading south in Montpellier Odysseum for the second stop of the tour. This time the skateboard will be highlighted but we will also enjoy BMX and Roller’s demos on the famous Spine ramp made by FISE AREA. An explosive 2016 season launch for FISE Xperience. And this is just a starter 3 weeks before the iconic event FISE World Montpellier.

Thanks to Le Touquet-Paris-Plage for hosting this launch FISE Event season 2016.