Dominik Hernler - Action

Liverpool is set for a rude awakening this summer as one of the world’s most talked about wakeboarding events, Red Bull Harbour Reach, descends on the city for the second time.

Taking place at Albert Dock on Saturday 30th August, the free to attend event will see 20 of the world’s top wakeboarders compete and entertain spectators in one of the region’s most iconic locations.

Last year saw more than 8,000 people turn up to enjoy the sunshine, and this year is set to be bigger than ever as wakeboarders reach new heights on the Mersey water.

The athletes will test their skills on a purpose-built wake course that is designed to push their agility and technical abilities to the max, with wakeboarding legend Parks Bonifay on hand to judge them on their performance.

It is also the first time that a UK competition has had access to Liquid Leisure’s innovative Pool Gap, a unique feature that will bring a range of tricks, jumps and falls to the competition.

Athletes will include top UK wakeboarder Nick Davies, as well as last year’s champion James Windsor and Canadian star Raphael Derome
Dominik Hernler - Action

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