This was Skullcandy Railbattle Wake 2012, RECAP!

What happend?!

More then 65 riders + sick Skullcandy Rail = a Battle full of sick shredding!  From the beginning to the end it was freaking exciting.

The Skullcandy Rail consisted of 2 parts. 150 cm above the water we had two 12 meter pipes next to each other and a removable down pipe.  You could hit this rail on 100 creative ways and they all did! First we let the riders hit part one and with the finals we connected the down pipe.  We extended the time to 15 minutes jam sesh with the finals and HOLY MOLY they went mad on those pipes!

Also this year our German friends were presented and lot’s of girl power, names like Julia Rick, Nicola Butler and Melissa Marquardt!

Here are the results one more time, incase you’ve missed it:

Men – Final

  1. 1.    Hendrik Janssen (GER)
  2. 2.    Dirk Gideonse
  3. 3.    Mike Hilgers (GER)
  4. Sven Krafft (GER)
  5. Nick Hunting
  6. Tim Adg (GER)
  7. Richard Kramer
  8. Angelo Damming
  9. Tom van de Kerkhof

Boy’s – Final

  1. 1.    Liam Rundholz (GER)
  2. 2.    Jan Gnerlich (GER)
  3. 3.    Dennis Maijer
  4. Simon Fakkert
  5. Ruben Fakkert
  6. Jeroen van Vliet
  7. Mik Nieuwenhoff
  8. Rover
  9. Age Methorst
    1. Leon Louven (GER)

Woman – Final

  1. 1.    Julia Rick (GER)
  2. 2.    Maxine Sapulette
  3. 3.    Sanne Meijer
  4. Nicola Butler (USA)
  5. Cosima Giemza (GER)
  6. Melissa Marquardt (USA)

Skate – Final

  1. 1.    Marijn Smit
  2. 2.    Geert Nielen
  3. 3.    Tim van Dortmont
  4. Diederick Stellweg

And of course after all this madness we had a Skullcandy After Party with our one and only DJ Danjah who let us do weird moves on the dance floor.

Monster Energy, thanks for the riders-BBQ and Monster mix-drinks! All the other sponsors: Pro-Tec, Vans, Liquid Force, Muchachomalo and Contour for the bags full of goodies and Burnside Cablepark for everything!

One Love

Daan Rigter

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