Jib competition on the System 2.0 Rixen KumWakePark with Unit obstacles.
10 000€ Cash Price for Pro and boards of numerous prizes for Amateurs.
Evening of Saturday 24.
Registration € 60 for a discipline ( wakeboard OR wakeskate)
Registration € 80 for two disciplines (wakeboard and wakeskate)
Obligatory Licence
Cashprice  Wake N’Beach#2014:

#Pro Wakeboard:
1st 2,500€
2nd 1,500€
3rd 1,000€
4th 750€

#Pro Women:
1er 800e
2eme 500e
3eme 200e

#Pro Wakeskate:
1st 1,250€
2nd 800€
3rd 500€
4th 200€

-Category Pro Wakeboard
-Category Pro Wakeskate
-Category Amateur: Boys, Open, Girl, Master,Wakeskate