MyPakage has partnered with big mountain skiing sensation Sean Pettit to create a signature line of Action Series boxer-briefs and first layers powerful enough to support him in the backcountry.

After years of dominating the competitive circuit, Pettit has shifted his attention to filming big mountain projects. He recently received top awards at the IF3 Film Festival, including Best Male Freeride Segment, Best Cinematography and Best Big Mountain Film for his role in The Masquerade by Super Proof. In addition, Pettit was awarded a bronze medal for his 2015 X Games Real Ski Backcountry edit and launched a new web series titled Keep Your Tips Up.

“The Action Series keeps me supported during my roughest rides,” said Pettit. “I have been wearing MyPakage since before my balls dropped and I’m stoked to have a signature pair. Stay dry my friends…completely dry.”


Featuring MyDry technology, The Action Series is constructed from 100% hydrophobic wicking polyester, keeping you dry by pulling moisture away from your body. MyDry is a quick drying, keeps its form when wet and is antimicrobial.


“Stay dry my friends.” – Sean Pettit
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