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This won’t be your typical review. We’ll go thru the new features of course, but I wanted to discuss the general ‘radness’ of the game over some of the new additions. Because lets face it, we really want to know how rad a game is over some of the storyline. Sure some people are into the story and trust me when I say, Destiny has one of the best storylines in modern day gaming right now, but what really makes a game a dominating force in the market these days is the true playability and overall addiction. That draw is what has made Destiny such an amazing title (now franchise) today and I don’t see that disappearing anytime soon. Destiny: The Taken King has all the ‘rad’ and addiction of the original Destiny with new maps, destinations, abilities, and an all-new campaign but it all plays so well on the next gen consoles. It’s a game with pride and you can see it in every destination or new map. The hook is there and we’re not going anywhere. We’re along for the ride.

So here’s a breakdown of some of those new features.

  • All-new Campaign – A massive Hive Dreadnaught ship looms in the rings of Saturn. Oryx, The Taken King, has arrived in our solar system, bringing with him a corrupted army to exact revenge on the Guardians who destroyed his son Crota, and to consume our world.
  • New Destination – Establish a beachhead on Oryx’s flagship, the Dreadnaught – a mysterious, loot-filled fortress.
  • Powerful New Abilities – To battle back the Darkness and Taken army, you will get access to brand new subclasses with new supers for your Guardians.
  • New Loot and Customizations – Earn new weapons, armor, and gear, including Legendary, Exotic, Faction and Taken-themed items. Personalize your Guardian even more with The Taken King-themed emblems, armor shaders and player ships.
  • Four New Strikes and three Reprised Strikes with new features.
  • Two new Competitive Modes and eight new Maps.

If those aren’t enough new features for you, you’re probably not the person for Destiny but you are truly missing out on one of the largest gaming communities on earth. And if you’re looking for that next addiction or just want a timeless new game to keep your attention for a few hours a day, Destiny: The Taken King fits the bill.

Destiny: The Taken King
Platforms: PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One

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