The world’s largest sport just became a bit bigger with EA Sports newest addition to the massively successful juggernaut called FIFA. FIFA 16 is nothing short of spectacular. Details in player functions like quicker mobility and a completely different defensive breakdown makes this franchise blast to the top of the sports category. Graphic detail made leaps and bounds as well. Stadium construction and player features make you feel like you’re actually on the pitch in front of thousands of diehard fans looking for that next miracle goal or one-touch blast passed a goalkeepers reach. Here are a few features that stood out in this already impressive new addition to the EA lineup.

Girls! Girls! Girls! For the first time in the FIFA franchise you now have the ability to compete with the 12 top-ranked Women’s National Team. Who doesn’t want to take shots from the corners with Alex Morgan or defend the net with the US brick wall goalkeeper Hope Solo? I know I do.

No touch dribbling. A top-notch move by soccer’s elite athlete Lionel Messi is now a skilled function of FIFA 16. Seamless fakes and deception can be the difference between a lasting drive down the pitch or a well-timed shot passed a keeper. Touch or not, the decision is yours.

For the newbs. New to FIFA? Well now it’s easier than ever to pick up skills as you play a match with the FIFA Trainer. The “learn as you play” onscreen display helps you find a player to pass to, defend in the right space, make a midfield tackle, and the list goes on. There’s even tips for the most skilled players… Lets face it; you’re really not as good as you think you are.

So if you’re a fan of team unity, you have a country pride, or your just want to have a really good time playing a really kick ass game (hopefully you don’t kick someone to hard, that would be a yellow card) then FIFA 16 is waiting for you. Pick it up. You want be disappointed.

EA Sports
Platforms: PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One, PC (downloadable on all platforms)

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