My favorite time of year is here. The start of hockey season and the kick off to the all-new NHL title. It’s been a long summer and now it’s going to be a great winter dropping gloves, blasting top shelf one-timers, and dominating the ice with my favorite team the Anaheim Ducks. Having said that, lets get into the features of EA’s NHL 16.

First, I’d like to start off by saying I really didn’t hate NHL 15. Sure it was missing a few features (later to be added with updates), but fundamentally it was a good game. NHL 16 took note on some of the missing features from 15, added them and put in a ton of new tech. One of my favorite features in NHL 16 has to be the Online Shootout. It was tough to learn at first (mainly defending as a goalie) but it’s a blast once you get in a rhythm. Another great addition to this years NHL is the inclusion of the newly formed West Coast division of the AHL. Having the ability to play and build a team like the San Diego Gulls is a true honor. So props to EA for that.

Other cool features include Be a GM, Be a Pro, and everyone’s favorite Hockey Ultimate Team: Single Player Seasons. Playing online is fun, but building a team and its players and reaching that top spot to hoist the Stanley Cup with your massive playoff beard, that’s the real deal.

Overall, NHL 16 is a giant leap forward in EA’s hockey franchise. The graphics continue to reach new heights and the gameplay is seemingly smooth with little to no hiccups. Whether you’re a fan of hockey, an actual hockey player, or just a sports-gamer, NHL 16 has plenty of attitude and energy to keep you wanting more.

NHL 16
EA Sports
Platforms: PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One

For more info, check out www.easports.com/NHL-16


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