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Do you like Star Wars? I’m the guy that was freaking out when Fandango crashed during “The Force Awakens” pre-sale… Needless to say when my boss asked me to review Battlefront I was hyped.

PS4 game installs are worse than watching paint dry…usually. This was not the case with Battlefront. A little ways into the game install the option to play a mini game becomes available. While your game downloads you get to play as Darth Vader as endless waves of enemies or “Rebel Scum” attack you and your squadron. It’s a great training session as Vader’s abilities are the same in the mini game and the full game modes. After killing well over a million rebel scum while I waited for the install to finish, I was ready to get online and start playing with my friends.

The online gameplay is fantastic in so many ways. The maps are beautifully designed and intelligent, when you crash your speeder or throw a grenade the environment reacts appropriately and intuitively. The vehicle controls are spot on, responsive and fun whether you are in an X-Wing, Tie Fighter, or AT-AT. The weapons and movement all seem to flow the way you would expect if you were actually piloting the vehicle. But the largest portion of online game play as either a rebel or stormtrooper fighting large scale (40 Player) battles is just so too much fun. If you want a gameplay similar to Call of Duty but with all of the guns and zombies replaced with blasters and spaceships then this is the game for you. You won’t be able to put your controller down.

Star Wars Battlefront
Electronic Arts
Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox 1, and PC

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