UNIT is obviously crushing it in the feature game with some of the most killer wake park features out there (Kaesen Point) BUT… did you know you can rock some UNIT swag?!?! Check out some of their line, maybe wear it while your ride your next UNIT feature.. who knows, we’re not the boss of you.

NVL Signature Tee


MSRP €24,90

Find it here: http://www.unit-parktech.com/shop/#merch-unit-nvl-tee-30130

UNIT 5 Panel 


MSRP €24,90

Find it here: http://www.unit-parktech.com/shop/#merch-unit-5-panel

UNIT Team Tee


MSRP €19,90

Find it here: http://www.unit-parktech.com/shop/#merch-team-tee-wht

Oh you’ve read through this entire post and still want to buy even more UNIT stuff?! Well you can! Head here: http://www.unit-parktech.com/shop/ to check out the rest of their line!



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