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We all hate those days when we go on a run with our iPods and get them all covered with our foul and salty sweat, or are doing some intense snorkling and snap pics of Nemo only to forget that the digital camera isn’t waterproof, or are at the Sir Francis Drake Memorial Pool Party Extravaganza, straight chillin’ on a floatie while on the phone with big mamma trying to convince her you are really at the retirement home doing a group reading of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations when all of a sudden some pool bro does a cannon ball right in your face and gets your iPhone all wet. Boo.

Well lucky for those of you who want your electronics during your water activities without getting them wet there is the new Dry Case, it’s like a dry bag for your phones, cameras and mp3 players. With Dry Case you can call, text, email, take pictures, and stay connected while protecting the device.

Product Features: Stays dry even underwater, Vacuum seal, Crystal clear for photos, Stereo/microphone/ headphone jack, Bouyant armband, fits most devices.

Head on over to www.drycase.com and check out this sweet new funky town protective case!