The new 2011 Vibe got a bit of an update from its 2010 predecessor including. In 2011, CWB Board Co. added more ABS deeper into the sidewall making the Vibe tougher than ever.  A new top sheet was enhanced from the 2010 model to provide the perfect stiffness for wake and sliders. On top of all that the 2011 Vibe receive an Alliance Approved rating in this year’s Gear Guide.

The Vibe comes in three different sizes; 136, 142, 147 respectively, and can be optionally packaged with the Faction or Vapor boots. It has all the same great features as 2010 but increasingly got better.

If you’d like more information regarding this product, please give us a call at 425.775.5416 or send us an e-mail at  The Vibe can now be purchased from any of the CWB Board Co. authorized dealers. MSRP: $500.00 while MAP: $399.99.