The Carbon Flex Pro (CFP) package is a new addition to the Shred Stixx line up.  The CFP package was the brain child of team shaper Nick Wiersema having utilized similar materials and combinations for many years to improve the performance of his surfboards.  It integrates various arrays of carbon fiber and other reinforcements, specialized core materials and epoxy formulations to develop a more resilient customizable wake surfboard package with an improved flex pattern that translates to a more rapid ‘spring-back’ effect.

Surfboards are designed to spring-back to their original or intended shape once push out of shape/deformed on the face of a wave during turns or pumping.  The spring-back effect translates to speed and drive; the lively feeling people most often associate with a newer board.  As boards age, there is a tendency for the spring-back time to increase, resulting in a board that is said to feel dead.   The CFP package results in a more rapid, consistent and resilient spring-back compared to conventional center stringered boards.

Over the years at Stixx we have worked with bamboo and balsa veneers to improve the overall impact resistance and flex patterns on some our experimental models.  However, we found the stale wooden look, difficulty of integrating the process into a customizable board and weight to performance benefit not worth proceeding with on a production level.  If you can imagine, it is nearly impossible to mold a wooden skin around the complex curves of the Hazen Pro model. This is where the CFP package shines.  We will be offering it on our Hazen Pro model and our Thresher Pro, manufactured here in the USA, using precision pressure molded I-Foam blanks from Marko Foam, high strength ‘S’ fiberglass, Resin Research Resins, and multiple types of carbon fiber.

I-Foam is a closed cell, tightly fused foam with greater memory response than conventional polyurethane and expanded polystyrene (commonly called styrofoam).  This improved memory response results in fewer pressure dings from heels, and a more rapid spring-back.  Like all Custom Shred Stixx, boards with the CFP package will be laminated with high strength  direct sized S-glass designed for the surfing industry and Resin Research Resins.  S-glass was developed by Dow Corning for use in ballistic missiles.  It’s chemical formula differs from that of standard ‘E’-glass.  S-glass is widely regarded as having higher tensile strength, modulus elasticity, fatigue resistance, and improved impact resistance.  All things that make it a better choice for wakesurf boards from the original wakesurf company. Founded 1999.

slayshTank Productions presents the much anticipated 2012 Shred Stixx Wakesurf Co preview video featuring Chris Kinsey ripping the Lower Colorado River in Austin, TX.

This video introduces the Shred Stixx Carbon Flex Pro package as the future of wakesurf board development and Shred Stixx Wakesurf School as the ultimate wakesurf learning experience on Lake Austin.

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This video was shot and edited by AJ Aguirre and the slayshTank Production Team on Lake Austin, TX.

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