Don’t let this binding’s good looks fool you… with a flex Level of 7 the 2011 Wing Pro Binding is built for performance. For 2011 Amber demanded more comfort and more support, so we at Liquid Force delivered. All new for 2011 the Wing Pro Binding’s new profile provides a sleeker, more supportive fit. The new Wing is lighter for faster response on the water and bigger boosts off the wake, in turn allowing her to make history with tricks like the wake to wake 9. Did we mention the bling, too?

-Flex Level 7
-Control Liner
-IP6 Chassis
-Zonal Lace System
-EVA Footbed
-Articulating Cuff
-Impact EVA
-Integrated Aluminum angle lock Plate
Available Sizes 5-7, 7-9 & 9-11

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