Most action-game apps for phones get boring really quickly. But not Mad Skills Motocross though. I find myself getting more and more frustrated (addicted) with this game because of the increasing difficulty as you complete challenges. I breezed through the first division with no problem, but as the game progresses so does the difficulty.

The game starts out as a simple racing game, where holding the gas would take you to the finish line. In the harder divisions perks such as booster rockets, hang glider wings and rocket boots force you to get creative. The courses get far harder as well, forcing you to plan each acceleration and jump.

The game’s mechanics are pretty realistic. When you give the bike gas you easily pop a wheelie that has to be controlled with your weight distribution arrows. As you get more comfortable completing wheelies; backflips and stoppies are an added bonuses. The game also forces you to take it easy; if you land with too much force your bike will break and crash you.

Overall I give this game 4.5 stars (out of 5) and would recommend any phone user to buy this game. I find myself more than often grabbing my phone now just to play this game. If you’re looking for a game that is challenging and fun, this game is for you. Don’t expect to beat the entire game in a day though, because I have had it for over two weeks and I am still not close to the end… but that makes the purchase that much more valuable.

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