One of the worst things about any 3rd person shooter game is dying and having to restart a level or previous checkpoint. Well the crew at Konami came up with the perfect solution; make the player dead before they die. They figured if the character is already dead you can’t die in the game, well kind of. NeverDead is an extreme twist on any shooter game on the market. Demon slayer Bryce Boltzman has dedicated his life (well his death…but he’s alive…but he’s really dead… I think you get it) to taking down the demonic forces that made him what he is. Losing arms or legs is no problem for Bryce, as he can still fight thru anything with just his head. But if you want all your body parts back, simply regenerate the parts or roll towards your parts to reattach them to your body. It sounds gross but it’s awesome.



Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3