Anaheim, Ca. – Hydro-Turf is pleased to announce the release of the 2012 Shred Stixx /HT Wakesurf traction pad set.

Shred Stixx Wakesurf Co has teamed up with HT the leading wakesurf stomp and traction pad developer in the US to bring a new custom stomp pad and deck traction to wakesurfing in 2012. The new Hydro Turf set is a full featured wakesurf specific traction pad compatible with the entire Shred Stixx line of boards.

“We took the existing Shred Stixx pad set and made it even better by changing to the proven HT diamond groved pattern, increased the available color options and moved the production back to the USA” Said HT Product Developer &Team Manager Dave Field.

The set is sold separately and features spreadable traction pad components, HT “diamond” grooved pattern and a 30mm kicktail with quality 3-M self-adhesive for easy installation and a strong bond. Available in black, red, blue, white, yellow, and lime green.

Shred Stixx stomp pads and traction sets are currently available and in stock at the SlayshTank online store.

About Hydro-Turf
Hydro-Turf is a Southern California based manufacturer located in Anaheim, Ca. Hydro-Turf manufactures various PWC, Action Sports, Marine, ATV-Motorcycle and Lifestyle products under the Hydro-Turf brand name in addition to many private label/OEM product lines. Hydro-Turf has been creating innovative, design functional and performance driven products for 20 years and is supported by a dedicated team of Athletes and Employees. For more information, please visit