The good folks over at Kicker were kind enough to send a little care package out to the Alliance East Coast offices (read: my spare bedroom) the other day. They must have heard about my need for some tune blasting devices, 'cause the stuff came through in the clutch!

The first item was the iKick speaker/dock system for iPods. And let me tell you, this thing pumps. If you're looking to get your party started the iKick is the way to go. Let's just say it's got a built-in subwoofer and it has no problem producing when you crank it past 11.

The other little goody in the box of music love was a pair of ear buds. I've got weird ears and have never found a pair of ear bud headphones that fit just right, until now. These little guys are and will accompany me on every plane flight from now on.

Thanks, Kicker! You kick ass!

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