0813093636(32_33) LGS series blk

Proline introduces the LG v2.0 – The LGS SERIES (Leather Grip Stitched) The LG revolutionized grip technology, and changed the definition of how a handle should fit, feel, and function.  Looking at the current competition – each have copied the LG in some form or another.  For 2010, we are excited to introduce the next generation LG – the LGS SERIES designed exclusively for our CWB Pro Team.  The LGS Series had to be featherweight, so we introduced a ground-breaking 7075-T6 aluminum core bar that is 25% lighter and stronger.  The innovative grip features a super soft durometer EVA inner core fused and stitched directly to our tacky synthetic leather.  The LGS Series is embroidered with three unique designs; parallel, diamond, and square stitched.  These patterns create a quilting effect that increases the total surface area, and doubles the amount of friction and traction to the handle.   No silly gimmicks, only true innovation.  Available fall 2009 at a dealer near you.

•    Soft synthetic leather grip

•    Spongy EVA foam inner core

•    LG Grip stitched and glued directly to EVA

•    Diamond, Square, or Parallel stitched

•    Quilting effect creates more surface area and increases traction/friction

•    Sealed 7075-T6 aluminum bar 25% lighter and 25% stronger

•    Buoyant without use of floats

For more information please go http://www.prolineropes.com 800-234-7547, or e-mail info@ridecwb.com