MSRP: $249.00
Size: 42"

What type of riding is this product best for and why?

The Onset could be good for all riding levels.  When I first picked the board up I noticed it’s not as heavy as the other Bi Levels out there.  Also its top deck has a lot of concave, great for flip tricks.  I took the board out behind the boat and I really liked the way my feet felt on the deck.  I felt really in control, so I tried a W2W Backside Bigger Spin and came so close to killing myself.  So just cause it’s an Onset doesn’t mean you’ll ride like Stu Shinn.  The Onset rides, rotates, and flips very nicely.  I’ve never landed a kickflip but I came really close and it made me want to try more and stick the S.O.G. (son of a gun)  I wouldn’t take this board on too many rails though, the wood bottom easily started to shred apart, and we cracked the top deck all the way through.  

Appearance-wise, does it look sweet?

The Onset looks like an Oreo cookie. It comes with 1 full sheet of grip and has the Logo on top.  The bottom graphic is a mix of Black and Red diagonal line and a few skulls and crossbones laid out on the board.  But if you are a rail/jibber rider than you’ll quickly rub them graphics right off.

How durable is it (and how hard did you trying to break it)?

A day on the water (wake only) she held up fine.  The day on rails/booter, that’s when she started to fall apart.  The bottom started shredding apart on the rails of the board.  The board does come with 2 small fins that held up really well on the rails and didn’t affect the grinding process.  Also the crack on the top deck happened, but I think the foam frosting that keeps these cookies together; well it helps keep the board together and strong.  I mean we all know that not every board will not last forever.  Skateboards are meant to be beat up on.  It happens.  I’d say this is more a boat/PWC board.

What is different about it than others of the same type of product you've tried?

The Onset with its foam middle adds some flex and spring to the board.  You really feel the pop snap in the board when you ollie.  The concave on this board is really cupped.  It seems like your toe could just flick the crap out of it.  And the foam (I wanna say core but it’s not) really helps to keep water from jetting trough your board like a SST or other Bi level with a gap of air.  I just watched Fun Boots (buy it) and Stu Shinn's section was EYE POPPER!! That kid rides so F-n good, and consistent, you know this board has helped him progress his skills and the sport!  

General thoughts? 

I really like the idea of the foam creamy middle of this board.  I think they got something there.  The board really feels like a skate board and the control of the board on your feet is on point.  I think this board can take your riding to the next level and give you more confidence in throwing tricks that are harder. But I would like to see a stronger bottom sheet so you could hit more rails and earthy stuff.