First Thoughts

My first impression of this board is skateboard. The concave is fluid all the way throughout the width of the top deck of the board.  The kick tails are perfect size, not too small, but not too exaggerated… plenty of real estate to move your feet around on and to flick off of.  Also, the board's top deck isn't exactly the same shape as the bottom deck; the middle isn't as wide because the top deck has straight rails. And it’s definitely not the heaviest bi-level on the market weighing in at only 11 lbs.

I also noticed the flex control system, a very ingenious solution for an all too common problem found in bi-levels…. they break!!! The guys at Verge seem to have tackled this problem head on by adding a lightweight aluminum buffer between the kick tails. This little piece of aluminum ingenuity should keep your kick tails from becoming driftwood. And the hardware is stainless steel — strong and rust resistant. I know Justin Forrest, Verge Wakeskates latest team rider, has been on this board for about a month now and it is showing no signs of slowing down, so that’s a good sign.

The Ride

Well it looks like a skateboard… lasts like a wake board… and shreds like nothing I've ever ridden before.  The pop is phenomenal, with the big flat ends of the bottom deck you can really stomp those kick tails and get that board up there.  The concave is perfect, not too flat, but not too crazy… flicking this thing around is so predictable, you'd think at 11 lbs it would be hard to get around, but I found the weight way easier to control.  The board held up really well on rails, the concave keeps you locked in and in control… and it will definitely hold its own on any gap.

End of Day

All in all the Nexus 40.5 is by far one of the best wakeskates I have ever ridden… It’s definitely a solid skate with a true "skateboard" feel. I normally don’t like bi-levels, but I really liked this one. If you want to give one a try you can probably find Justin winching around Orlando, or you can check out and pick one up.