With Blu-Ray having officially won the HD content war, action sport production companies no longer have to hold off on which supplier to go with when offering HD films. Rumor has it we’ll have a wakeboard film on Blu-Ray soon.

The Pioneer Kuro is no question the best plasma you can view anything on to date. I’m not going to spend large amount of time listing all the reasons, but having viewed the Kuro line in the Pioneer booth at CES recently I can tell you from experience there is nothing out there that can touch it.

With the manufacturers and filmmakers in our sport digging deeper into high-quality, HD productions, you owe it to yourself to throw away that tube in the room you call a TV and get into the world of HD. Plus, how many of you are using a XBOX 360 or PS3 in SD (Standard Definition)? You know who you are.

In order to help take the guesswork out of the confusing world of Home Theater and HD, we’re going to be offering time-to-time insight on various products that are worth taking look at.

Happy viewing.