Not having to pass the handle gives you plenty of time to show your board some love (photos: Mathis)

Boat: Malibu 24 MXZ
Ballast: 800 lbs. Plug n’ Play, Power Wedge II
Speed: 22 mph
Lake: Clear Lake, FL
Crew: Tony Carroll, Jeff Langley, Massi Piffaretti
Tunes: Lewy Always

So you can pass the handle, but you’re ready to switch it up. Wrapped tricks are awesome because you can take an old trick and add some new flavor to it with a different grab. Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, don’t get ahead of yourself, because they’re still pretty tricky. Before you start whipping these around, figure out how to wrap up efficiently so you don’t get confused while you’re out on the water. Once you’ve got it down, get out there and start getting weird with it. Lewy Watt is all about some wrapped tricks so let him break down a switch heelside wrapped stalefish 540 for you! 


Do: Wrap up and get down nice and low to start your cut. You want a nice strong grip on your wrap handle and a solid progressive edge. 

Don’t: Rush the cut. Just be patient.


Take Off

Do: Wait until the very top of the wake for the pop. Stand up nice and tall while still keeping that strong grip on your wrap handle.

Don’t: Pop too early and let go of the wrap handle straight away. Keep it in tight until you’re in the air.

Getting The Grab

Do: Wait to get the grab. Bring the board up to you to make it easy and make sure to poke it.

Don’t: Reach down early. Patience is your friend throughout this whole trick.


Do: Spot your landing and keep the handle in close so you don’t get some crazy tension. Land and keep your edge going away from the wake.

Don’t: Over-rotate unless you want to catch a nice back edge.