Adam Errington by Garrett Cortese

Issue 11.3 is hot off the press and served with a twist! Adam Errington and our own Garrett Cortese collaborate for this “Uber Disco” cover shot on lake Hart outside of Orlando, FL. Apparently Adam is in the heart of his rave stage as a young adult? Within, guest authors Aaron Reed and Shane Bonifay reflect on the past 10 years of wakeskating and wakeboarding while offering recommendations for the next decade of each in the Reason and Matters columns. You can also find out what sort of beef wakeskater Ben Horan has with the strappers in his Best and Worst Interview…Or maybe he has no beef?

In our feature story we go backstage during the making of the CWB team video Committed. When you clean off the make-up and see these guys in regular jeans and t-shirts they really start to become normal people. Still amazing actors, but people just like us! Can you believe it? The video is loaded with diversity from Zane Schwenk’s one of a kind team leadership to Gabe Lucas’ one-boot-boarding to Twelker’s tweakers. It’s all fun in the sun with this crew so do yourself a favor and #whatchoutnow. That’s what they say on twitter…or maybe that is #winning? Not sure we’re a little old for twitter here at Alliance…

Also in 11.3 we venture down the Blanco River in TX with the Obscura crew via canoe. According to Danny Hampson the Blanco River is made-up of “God’s Water,” so you can imagine the connections they felt to a higher power…Danny also quotes “A River Runs Through It” several times during his literary masterwork without having ever seen the movie or reading the book. Now THAT takes balls, just like riding off a a spillway in your canoe with a 100 + pound winch resting on your groin.

Also, Framed is always fun, plus it’s great for the wallpaper boarder of your bathroom. Don’t worry, Matt Hooker won’t peak; He’s way too concerned about the gap off the end of this concrete ledge to care about what you look like naked.

Finally McKee puts 2011 product through some SERIOUSLY unique testing routines such as the 40 foot free fall, the tray slide for grind bases, and the 12 gauge stand-off. The results are quite surprising! He’d like to thank Reed Hansen for his redneck-edness and Maurice from Stokemeter for the inspiration!

Do yourself a favor; Grab Issue 11.3 and take a long lunch today…you deserve it. Besides, they don’t pay you anything close to what you’re really worth!