Josh Twelker by Garrett Cortese.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls, may we present to you the September issue of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine. It’s that time of year again where there is so much going on in the industry that you wake up from a 20 minute snooze right through the end of your favorite show” The Real Housewives” and then suddenly, just like that, you’re completely out of the loop. Lucky for you we haven’t slept in 3 months 22 days. Instead we’ve been pounding Energy drinks, flying on planes, hiding in the bushes of pro riders private residences, and talking on cell phones until our ears bleed just to be sure we get you the latest and greatest news in Wake.

Pay attention:

This kid on the cover: Josh Twelker. He’s 16 years old from Northern California and his method is WAY better than yours is. The part that will really piss you off is he can do a full 180 of the wake before he even attempts to go for the grab, and then still has time to hold it twice as long as you do. Oh yeah, he also pokes his stalefish harder than you. He does it after doing a 360, holds it twice as long too, then does another 180 out.

Moving on past the cover, we’ve got plenty of big news to reveal inside. Did you know that Josh Palma is officially on team CWB? Or how about the fact that Danny Harf stuck a 1080 at Brostock but won with a toeside off axis backside 720. Danny is nuts. Then he had a shot of Jack Daniels before he even took his boots off…This is the type of contest we would love to be at. Oh wait a second, apparently we were there. Maybe we were just on top of the houseboat the whole time making sure the alchohol didn’t go bad. OK but for real, we were there and it was unbelievable thanks to Bull Shoals AK and Liquid Force Wakeboards.

Brostock Heads to Bull Shoals, AK

Also in print we take a journey throughout Nor Cal with 7 free riders as they make it their mission to ride California’s uncharted territories. From dirt roads to dirt ramps, or sometimes no ramps at all, this crew finds some serious treasure in the state of California. With Glassy water, a couple of tents, and guys like Ben Greenwood / Bob Sichel, it was all about the “steez” on this backroads Journey.

“Secrets in Nor Cal.” by Ben Greenwood, Mike Schwenne and Chad Lowe. Photographed by S. Smith.

In Framed Pro Riders Keith Lidberg and Dylan Miller steel the show with some of the sketchiest rail hits we’ve seen in some time. Lidberg Tackles a 36 stair double kinked handrail that some genius built leading right into water, so now every time a fancy business man in Gucci shoes descends these stairs on his way to work while talking on his blackberry he’ll hit the bottom stop, realize his feet are soaked and then be out of a sick pair of 400 + dollar shoes. Lucky for us we don’t do Gucci…2 Pages later Dylan Miller defies gravity clearing an estimated 25 foot gap while stepping up about 6 feet in the process straight into a back lip. the consequences don’t look pretty so we’re hoping they got this shot on the first try…

Keith Lidberg Do or Die. Photo: Bangerter.

Finally we wrap up the issue with a riders travel guide for the state of Texas. This place is on the rise with more accessibility and diversity in riding spots than most anyplace in the world. It’s quickly becoming home to several of the sports most popular athletes and also becoming a popular travel destination for riders worldwide. They’ve also got bigger burrito’s and you know what’s, which must be why there are so many hot Blonde’s out there.

The State of Texas.