Against Me!
White Crosses
Sire Records

I’ve talked about “feel good” music before, but Against Me! bring a whole new meaning to the phrase. The four-piece group of punk rockers has the perfect edgy grind to make each concert hailing song on White Crosses just right. Song tracks with names like “Suffocation”, “Ache With Me”, and “I Was A Teenage Anarchist” are titles that speak to the youth punk scene. How is this “feel good” music? Well if you were anything like me, your adolescence was probably filled with pranks and mischief, which is a sign of good times, and those good times probably made you “feel good.” For those of you who are still in your adolescent years, make the best of it and go buy Against Me’s newest addition to their already impressive list of albums, White Crosses.

Against Me “Teenage Anarchist” from Cinelicious on Vimeo.