Hip-hop legends (and my personal idols) return with an album years in the making. Delayed from a release date in 2009 due to MCA fighting throat cancer, the trio has successfully proven beyond a doubt that their age, graying hair and health issues are not a factor for concern on their eighth studio album. Revisiting a sound closer to the early 90’s Check Your Head & Ill Communication era Beasties and once again picking up their instruments to deliver distorted, fuzzy, sample laden, banging organic beats and reverb destroyed raps that sound reinvigorated and as fresh as they did in 93! Make no mistake this is a Beastie album, so expect some random appearances from the likes of Nas and a dubbed out Santigold, a smoothed out funky instrumental track here and a punk infused track sprinkled there amongst the old school hip-hop joints simply because it’s a Beastie party – we’re all just tagging along for this excellent reminder of why we loved them in the first place and why they are still just as relevant 20 years later.

Beastie Boys
Hot Sauce Committee Part 2
Capital Records