Musicians are no stranger to side project bands. In fact most musicians prefer it from time to time. It’s a way of dabbling into something new without become burnt out on their standard routine. Look at musicians like Jack White of The White Stripes and his side project band The Raconteurs, also Tom Delonge of Blink-182 and his side project band Angels and Airwaves; both amazing artists that sought after something fresh. Now Travis Dopp of Michigan punk band Small Brown Bike has found his own side project, the new finely-tuned sounds of Leave Let Be. He has stepped back from the raw punk anthems of SBB and is now supported by the soothing vocals of Michelle Browneye and the untouchable acoustics of Dan Jaquint to form Michigan’s newest folk rock jam band. Check out the musical nugget when you’re out surfing the www.

Leave Let Be
Repeat The Sound of Joy
Old Point Light