Living with Lions
Make Your Mark
Adeline Records

There’s nothing better then some good ol’ punk rock music and Living with Lions’ second CD release Make Your Mark is what punk rock is all about. The most interesting part about these rockers from Vancouver, Canada is their story. The crew needed a place to stretch their legs so they found refuge in an east Vancouver home. Once adjusted, the boys threw parties, shared man sodas, had rock sessions and just had an all around good time. This new local hangout became known as Dude Manor, the name of their first CD release, and Living with Lions was born. Nothing screams punk rock more then a place named Dude Manor. Make Your Mark is filled with concert screaming hits but check out “Coolin With Costa,” “Wrong Place, Right Time,” and the guitar-waling drum-slamming last song “Outro”.

Living with Lions “Bottle of Charrades” from Logan Hefflefinger on Vimeo.