Never Shout Never
What Is Love?
Sire Records

Most 18-year-old boys (or men, depending on the person) are either graduating high school or in their first year of college, either way they are trying to find themselves in the fast racing engine we call life. But not Christofer Drew, the talented singer-songwriter and guitarist of Never Shout Never, he’s busy touring the states singing tracks off his second CD release What Is Love? to thousands of screaming fans. When Christofer isn’t busy touring he’s running his own record label Loveway Records. Pretty good for being 18. What makes Never Shout Never’s new album so unique is the fact that all the sounds you hear on the album are from real instruments. No midi or synths were used and no auto-tune or vocal tuning programs either. That’s what I call talent or at least what they used to call talent 20 years ago.

Never Shout Never – “What Is Love?” from Isaac Ravishankara on Vimeo.