Polar Bear Club
Chasing Hamburg
Bridge Nine Records

Like most great bands a few personnel changes and internal speed bumps are pretty much common ground and Rochester, New York’s Polar Bear Club is no exception to this. Once the dust settled and the team was set, Chasing Hamburg was created to please the followers that have grown to love the raw post-hardcore sounds of Polar Bear Club. While other bands strayed away from the 90’s punk and hardcore genres, PBC embraced them and gave it their own personal twist. Expect big things from PBC in the coming years as this five piece set of stage-jumping rockers continues to blow minds at shows and win the hearts of real punkers around the world. “Living Saints”, “One Hit Back” and “See The Wind” are all insane tracks; if you are looking for something a little mellower, try “Drifting Thing.”

Polar Bear Club “Living Saints” from BridgeNineRecords on Vimeo.