Expressing one’s self through music is nothing new. Singing about falling in and out of love, the good and the bad times, and even life and death; are all ways of expressing yourself through music. When singing about death though, most would think of being sad or alone but what about the brighter side of death? Can’t we embrace death and make it apart of life itself? Portland Oregon natives STRFKR have done just that with their second studio album release Reptilians. They’ve sung about death but managed to make us dance our asses off the whole way there with synth-pop beats and catchy hooks. Check out the vocally high-pitch opener “Born”, the clap-happy jam “The White of Noon” and the synth-heavy tune “Julius” also featured in the new CWB team film Committed.

Starfucker (STRFKR)


Polyvinyl Records