I listen to a ton of electronic beat music and instrumental hip-hop stuff, so for something to really stand out and demand I take special notice as well as multiple repeat listens… it has to offer something extraordinary. Enter The Polish Ambassador (aka David Sugalski). Hailing from Oakland, California, his major label (Electro powerhouse 1320 Records) debut is something to pay extra close attention to. The album bludgeons the senses with its combination of chopped-up glitch, atmospheric synths, interstellar hip-hop samples, eight-bit distortions, dirty electro-funk breaks, and down tempo dub grooves along with neatly placed fragmented vocal samples. When Sugalski performs live he rocks a neon yellow and white full-body ski suit and a pair of dark tinted aviators for safety because I heard if you make direct eye contact with him your face will melt. Much like my eardrums did whilst listening to his newest release. All hail the Ambassador!

The Polish Ambassador
Future, Sex, Computers
1320 Records