I’m writing this one for my main man Aaron Reed. If any of you know Aaron, you know about his famous tattoo that he has on his right arm. It graced the cover of our magazine a few issues ago. The tattoo is the head of the MXPX mascot man. (I’m not sure what else to call it). Aaron told me he got his tattoo right before MXPX music went bad, as he would say. I was a huge fan of MXPX back in my day too. And if I was 18 when I started listening to them, I probably would have had the same tattoo. This was the band that started it all for me. MXPX was the very first band I saw in concert and it was something I will never forget. I haven’t bought one of there CD’s in a long time but I’m glad I got this one. Check it out. Who knows, it might inspire you to get a tattoo.