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Canadians are everywhere. Almost every band I listen to now a day is from Canada and I swear I don’t try to make it happen that way, it just does. Is it the cold winters? Is it the hot girls? I don’t know. Canadians just write good music and this band Silverstein is now exception to Canadian greatness. I remember buying Silverstein’s first CD When Broken Is Easily Fixed and listening to it probably a thousand times. But I can pretty much say that about all three of their CD’s that I own. The perfect blend of hardcore rock, emo, and screamo have continued to put this band on the map time after time. If you don’t have this album in your collection, I recommend you go get it. Better yet, go buy all three albums and rock your socks off. But put them in the dirty laundry pile if they stink because there’s nothing worse then smelly socks on the floor.